2015: Sumatra & Sumbawa

In the summer of 2015, I traveled to North Sumatra to film with surfers Leila Hurst, Matt Pagan, Noah Collins, Austin Ware and Samson Coulter. The waves were fickle and the searching was tiresome. We were immersed in a completely new and unfamiliar territory. Children were offering me sand crabs for lunch while their parents spearfished on the outer reefs.

After spending a couple of weeks in Sumatra, we decided to travel to Sumbawa after not scoring the waves we had hoped to. After arriving, Lakey Peak provided us with fun waves for the next few days to top off our travels. 

Watch "Hello Mister" to get a glimpse into Noah Collins experience throughout his travels. The photos below are from the same trip. A few of the images of Leila Hurst were licensed by Vans.